By Ellen Eisenberg

By Ellen Eisenberg, Executive Director of The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching (TPIIC)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

I recently read a blog from Take It Personel-ly, ( that shared three ways to really get to know employees better in the workplace. In reading it, I noticed how applicable these three ways are to the classroom environment. It’s appropriate now because there is much talk around personalizing the classroom experience with in-person learning and/or hybrid learning. Becoming acquainted with each other is an engagement strategy that works.

See what you think:

1)      Bucket List Guessing… 10 things employees write down as items on their bucket lists. Those lists are sealed and at a subsequent meeting, unseal the lists and play a guessing game about whose list was read. I definitely think this can be done in a virtual or face to face classroom. The game can continue with different things that reveal something about each student.

2)      Virtual Escape Room…this is one way to identify areas of strength and areas of need. This would be a fun way to get students to work together in teams in an online environment. This can be extended to building bridges which, of course, becomes a unity builder literally as well as figuratively. Once in-person learning has resumed, the team building of something creative can continue very effectively.

3)      Hosting a Talent Show…an online talent show for students can be such fun. Students can showcase their musical or dance talent; they can create a fashion show; or if they are into building with Legos, they can share a treasured Lego structure they created.

I would actually add a fourth fun activity… what about a charades game where students could act out a movie or television show they loved, a movie they recently saw, or the title of a favorite song. There are so many ways to engage students virtually. I would ask students for some ideas, too. They are creative in ways we need to encourage!

What are some of your ideas for getting to know each other better?

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