By Ellen Eisenberg

By Ellen Eisenberg, Executive Director of The Professional Institute for Instructional Coaching (TPIIC)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Summertime and the living is easy… at least until now when we all go into hyper mode and try to capture our thoughts about a new school year, our new classes, many new celebrations, and expected new challenges. And, along with these new beginnings, probably comes some thoughts about change, especially accepting what can and cannot be changed.

 As September rolls around, think about those changes and how you can embrace them. Take your time and reflect on these simple 10 tips adapted from

1. Don’t just do something; sit there…reflect in, on, and about action;
2. Mother yourself a little… let someone else be the decision-maker;
3. Ignore your inner reptile…be trusting and trustworthy;
4. Silence your inner know-it-all… you are not the expert;
5. Seek out new perspectives… tolerance and understanding go a long way;
6. Try something new and slightly scary… think outside of the box;
7. Be skeptical of common wisdom… wisdom is not common…either is common sense!
8. Learn to live with uncertainty… doubt makes you think more and make a plan “B”;
9. Say “really?” a lot… help others make their thinking visible;
10. Shed your old skin… out with the old and in with the new… except for old friends and colleagues!

Think about all the ways you will promote change in your buildings. Remember, coaches and mentors are “change agents.” Ask yourself these two questions every day: 1) What am I doing to help teachers change and improve their practice; and 2) What am I doing to help teachers improve student engagement and outcomes?

How will you promote change?